Italy 2006. The first Italian house

One could imagine that the understanding of Italian Legislation to be just as complicated and unclear as the one in Vietnam in relation to also constructions should be a good reason to stay away from that kind of business. Making constructions in Denmark is so simple and easy to deal with, but my connection to Italy makes all special Italians obstacles an interesting and positive challenge.

To handle this challenge one will have to cooperate with Italians. A lot of the work with design, blueprints and the big number of applications and the very comprehensive monitoring of the work has to be done by Italians according to the law. But to spend time and cooperate with Italians is time nicely spent. To Italians the complicated legislation is also an obstacle and they would like it to be different. But to change a complicated structure is more or less impossible. In Italy they make changes all the time and have done that for hundreds of years – that is why it is so complicated.

For working with buyers from the North of Europe Gaia design will focus on the principal differences between the building Legislation in Italy and the North of Europe. There will be a lot of theme and some of them with serious consequences if not handled. Consequences can be unexpected costs or restrictions in relation to permissions or worse.