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Building hundreds of houses for special clients since 1994 Gaia design never actually succeeded in getting positive response from other architects.

That is quite fair.

Even we did everything possible to please our clients and added beautiful and expensive surroundings, most of our clients living in our houses would run away if they got the chance.

Never the less it has been expected that thousands of people would visit our clients, but that part went out quite successfully.

It will be fair to say that most of our clients were not cooperative at all, but Gaia design never gave up trying to please clients and visitors, although my old professor from the Academy of Architects would totally disagree.

Many of our clients are aggressive and dangerous. Most of them don’t like houses at all and they cannot tell what they prefer. When your houses are inhabited by animals such as chimpanzees, lions, penguins, manatees, snakes and crocodiles you learn that for some houses it is all about functions and for the benefit of the visitors, it is all about having a relevant and positive experience.

Dealing with animal-houses, making solutions acceptable for animal keepers, the biologists, maintenance crews, security needs and the director is hard, complicated work, but Gaia design has been working with more ordinary cases.

A project in Vietnam, where an animal park combined with some resort activities, led to some intensive research in my favorite country abroad: Italy. Everything in Vietnam is complicated, but not as complicated as in Italy. To Gaia design complications is a challenge and to help out North Europeans with buying a house, making reconstructions and get permissions in Italy is complicated, but still more simple than building a house to a family of chimpanzee’s. At least the clients are more friendly.

Houses in Italy has its own Web site: www.house-in-italy.net

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