Odense Zoo 2004. Important update

When improving visitors experiences the zoo has to make new and better exhibits, but just as important is to take away old and bad exhibits. Of course the zoo can have some very reasons why they cannot update all old exhibits – economy will often be a good reason. But visitors don’t accept excuses. For zoo visitors are the experience of the animals about feelings. They do have to believe that the zoo does everything possible for the benefit of animal’s kept in captivity. Even visitors do know that the animals are inside an enclosure, they do prefer not to see the fences. Making nice looking green enclosures, with small gurgling streams, with invisible fences, nice looking indoor areas is sometimes even more important for the visitors than it is for animals.

To replace this very old and bad looking part of the zoo with one big “walking through” exhibit with Squirrel Monkeys and take away a mixture of small exhibits with all kind of animals was a great improvement and more or less the end of 10 years update.

Anyway making a “walking through” exhibit with Squirrel Monkeys is not a “walk in the park”. It seems like some monkey families develop a slightly aggressive behavior – perhaps those who have more self-confidence.