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For so many years trying to have conditions for animals, so they can show relevant and natural behavior, it seems quite strange that the Zoo still had clipped the wings on birds like the flamingos and pelicans. Not least for Pelicans for whom flying is everything when diving and fishing. That is very strange, some kind of an oversight – but all that to be changed when the biggest Aviary in Europe was built.

To have Pelicans just walking around does not make sense at all. If the animals do not show basic skills and behavior then then the Zoo should choose other animals. In the new Aviary visitors are so close on this impressive bird. It looks like a cartoon and do behave like one. It is not afraid of people, so one can get so close and from the top of a tree this clumsy looking bird are diving like rocket into the lake. This is the kind of experiences for visitors that makes a lot of sense and is the best argument for having animals in captivity at all.

A Zoo experience has to do something to people. Make animals interesting and worth saving. Not by using big posters or a lot of signs – do have the right animals in the right kind of exhibits – Show don’t tell.

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